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This is a community wiki for [WWW]Imperium Nova, a free, browser-based Massively-Multiplayer Online Strategy/Roleplaying game, set far into the future in an unknown galaxy. From the Imperium Nova main page:

"Each player takes on the leadership of a unique feudalistic dynasty, nominally subject to the Galactic Emperor but in reality competing with scores of others for influence, status and political power. The game aims to focus on theme rather than generic resource-gathering as seen in many alternative browser-based games, and involves elements of role-playing and character development of your dynasty members.

Imperium Nova is set in a series of persistent galaxies, each one effectively a separate game involving possibly hundreds of regular players, capped to prevent overpopulation of any one galaxy. One 'game day' takes 2 hours of real time to pass. Most operations you order will take several game days to be completed. This slow pace means that you do not need to spend long periods of time continuously logged in to the game, but instead can log in as little or as often as your free time and ambition for success dictates.

No software is required - the game is played solely through your browser and has been developed to work with the latest versions of most common browsers. Your browser must have cookies and scripting enabled to access the site. If you have problems logging in from a certain computer the most likely reason is that cookies are not enabled on that machine."

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